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About the Insurance Product

We can only offer our insurance product to you. We will ask a number of questions, the answers to these questions will decide the cover we can offer you. We do not offer any other insurer product.

To ensure you are aware of the costs involved, should you wish to purchase our policy our administration fee's are as follows:

New Business administration fee £25

Mid term administration fee £25

Cancellation administration fee £30

Renewal administration fee £25

It is important that you understand that any information or answers provided by you must be accurate as this will be the basis upon which the insurance application is considered.

Any inaccuracies in answers given will effect the insurance cover indicated and could result in a policy being cancelled, or treated as if it never existed, or any claim made rejected in its entirety or not fully paid.

The information that has been provided to us will be detailed to you for review on a statement of fact document.

Your Details

Are you cancelling the policy
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This information will be used to set up your Rigsby account and allow you to access your quotes at a later date.

Does your occupation involve property development, construction or maintenance
Are you a UK or Republic of Ireland resident and domiciled in the UK or Republic of Ireland?
What is the inception date

About the Property to be Insured

Address (Line 1)
Address (Line 2)
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Postcode Area
Type of Property
Occupation / Tenancy
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Is the property to be insured occupied by more than 3 or more non-related tenants?
Do you permit sub letting by your tenants?
What is the minimum length of tenancy agreement?
Tenant Details
a. The tenancy agreement is direct with the tenant

b. Tenants are not placed from a housing association

c. Tenants are not placed from an emergency housing scheme

d. Tenants are not placed from a assisting living scheme

e. Tenants are not placed from a substance abuse scheme

Sum Insured Details


It is important that you understand that the building sum to be declared be accurate and reflect the full rebuild cost of the premises, including any outbuilding, plus an amount for any additions charges which could be incurred in rebuilding such as demolition costs, architects and surveyors fees and complying with the requirements of local authorities

If you are underinsured and a claim is reported then an amount will be deducted from your claim. This will be applicable to ALL claims.

Rebuild Cost Calculator
We recommend that if you do not know the cost to rebuild your residence you seek advice from the Building Cost Information Service. Details can be found on there website
Buildings Sums Insured
SI Buildings Discount
Contents Sum Insured
SI Landlords Contents Discount


What is the construction of the walls of the building?
Please Specify
What is the construction of the roof of the building?
Please Specify
Are there any roof sections that have a separate construction than the one noted?
Please Specify
Does the premises have a garage ?
What is the construction of the walls of the garage
What is the construction of the roof of the garage

The Premises

Is the property well maintained and in a good state of repair?
A property in a good state of repair is one without structural problems

The property is not considered to be in a good state of repair if it:

1. Has dry rot, rot or infestation

2. Needs timbers, window or door replacement

3. Has damp

4. Has roof or chimney stack damage

5. Has faulty wiring

6. Is incomplete in construction and not wind or water tight

Is the property attached to a commercial trade premises ?
What is the Trade ?
Does the property have own entrance/exit?
Are there any outbuildings? (Other than small garden sheds, domestic greenhouses or garage)
Please Specify
What is the approximate year of construction?
Years owned note
Is the property grade listed?
Is the property furnished
Please Specify

Security Details

Please state the type of intruder alarm protecting the property
Does the property have an automatic fire alarm ?
What is the security on all final exit doors ?
Please Specify
What is the security on all ground floor and accessible windows ?
Please Specify

Location Details

Has the property ever been monitored or suffered from subsidence, heave or landslip?
Please Specify
Is the property free from signs of internal or external stepped or diagonal cracking?
Is the property situated within a mining area?
Please Specify
Are there any trees or shrubs more than 3 metres tall and within 5 metres of the property?
Is the property within 250 metres of any stream, river, lake, sea, or water course?
Please Specify
Is the property on a flood plain or in an area that has experienced any previous flooding?
Please specify

Unoccupied Section

Why is the property unoccupied - please include a full detailed list of works to be undertaken (if any)
Please state what the previous occupancy was:
Are there any other properties within the area that are also unoccupied?
Is the property undergoing any refurbishment?

Type of work being carried out at the premises

Major repair work including extensive and substantial repairs to make the property habitable.
This refers to properties in a very poor state of repair
Structural work including removal or replacement of masonry walls, lintels, brick piers, floor and roof joists, purlins or staircases.
Single, double story extensions or new roof
Install or refit a kitchen or bathroom, installing central heating, replacement windows, rewiring, redecoration
Is planning permission required for any works to be undertaken now or in the future?
Has planning permission been applied for?
Has planning permission been granted?
Please give details of refurbishment
Is the property subject to a compulsory purchase order ?
Please Specify
Is the property supplied with electricity by modern fittings and wiring?
Has there been any properties within the immediate area that has suffered from arson and or malicious damage ?
Please Specify

Claim History

Has the property suffered any loss or damage whether insured or not in the last 3 years?
Type of LossDate of LossAmount of LossClaim StatusClaim Details
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Have you made any insurance claim on any other insurance policy for property you have owned within the last 3 years?
Additional Information
Have you or any of your partners or directors in connection with any business which you / they have been involved in had any losses whether insured or not or had any claims made against you
Type of LossDate of LossAmount of LossClaim StatusClaim Details
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Perils List

Additional Cover

Optional Cover (Accidental Damage Extension)
ADCheck (Cover = 0 If Prof Let or Student only)
Optional Cover (Accidental Damage Extension) Premium

Buildings Perils

Contents Perils

Manual Adjustment Section

Additional Excess
Policy Fee Temp
Additional Notes

Additional Landlords Package options

Legal Expenses
Legal Expenses cover is only available for Professional, Student and DSS tenancies. Your Legal Expenses insurance cover will be provided to you through an Insurer called Ageas Insurance.
Do you require additional Rent Guarantee ?
Additional Rent Guarantee Premium

Statement of Fact

Have you or any of your Partners, Directors or joint co-insured either personally or in connection with any business which you/they have been involved have never :-
1. Incurred any county court judgements?
2. Ever been convicted or charged but not yet tried for any criminal offence other than a motoring offence?
3. Been declared bankrupt or involved in a company which has become insolvent or which has gone into liquidation, receivership or administration?
4. Had insurance declined, refused or cancelled or had special terms imposed by any insurer in respect of any application for insurance of any nature.
If you have answered yes to any question above, please provide additional information
Are there any interested parties, mortgage or other?
I confirm that I have read each question and agree that the answers I have given are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
Do You have a Target Premium
What is your target premium?

Additional Notes

Additional Notes

Documents and Reports Only

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Social Load
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Escape of Water Excess